Barbara Marshall

Knowing the gap between where I was and where I needed to go as an inspirational speaker and then not having a clear direction in how to do so, I needed help! I learned how to change my mindset from doing things in an amateur way to being a true professional. From Karen’s experience working with hundreds of speakers, we focused on the area of what makes me and my message unique – what makes me different from all the other speakers. With a fresh look and renewed confidence, I started making media connections. I have gone from doing local radio and television interviews to now hosting my own TV Show! I praise God for the blessing Karen has been in my life and business. Karen is encouraging in each of our sessions – always allowing me to ask, brainstorm or just discuss things as needed. I leave each session with focus, action items and a feeling that I really can do this. Karen’s coaching has been invaluable and critical in helping me get to where I am at today.

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