What’s The Difference? | Karen Power

I do my best thinking either standing in the shower or standing at the sink washing dishes. Maybe it has something to do with water.

Today, I began thinking back on conversations I’ve had with friends, co-workers, speakers, authors, etc. as they got excited about something they wanted to do. Maybe it was start a class, do a video, or write an article or book. What’ve I’ve consistently noticed is there’s a difference among those who do and those who don’t complete what was discussed. 

Things that are the same among these people:

  • They dream.
  • They discuss.
  • They sometimes plan.

Many stop right there.

Yet, where the rubber meets the road and the difference is made in bringing anything into realty is:

  • They do.
  • They take action.

Be like the ant and see her ways and learn, for there is no harvest for her, And there is no ruler over her, neither anyone to drive her. And she prepares for herself her bread from the summer and she stores her food at harvest.” Proverbs 6:6-8 (Aramaic Bible in Plain English)

In other words, the ant takes action. The ant is self-motivated to do what is needed to ensure she has food for winter. Instead of waiting for someone else to do it for her; waiting for everything to be perfect before beginning; letting anything and everything else become a distraction … instead of just dreaming, talking, or planning … the ant, one of God’s smallest creatures, is smart enough to know the distance between dreaming and reality is called ACTION!

So, what have you been dreaming, talking, and planning to do? Close the distance. Today’s the day to take action!

The distance between your dreams and reality is called action

The Professional Speaker Task List, speaker training

Too many speakers are focused in the wrong place when it comes to the tasks they do. They are focused on the fruit … getting speaking engagements. Yet, in order to get speaking engagements there are many tasks that need to be done first.

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All of these are important. Prioritizing these activities is necessary. Very thought-provoking list.” ~ Sherry Poundstone, Speaker & Author


Karen Power has worked with thousands of Christian communicators and event planners across the country as the founder and owner of Christian Speakers Services – a speaker bureau with a ministry heart. She has been providing technology support and promotional services since 1994 to speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, and business owners. ​Karen’s passion and purpose are to help Christ-centered communicators and business owners share their messages and products of hope and healing to change the world by creating innovative solutions. She has helped them connect with their audience, grow their platform base, find new speaking opportunities, raise the bar, and increase their customers, paid enrollees, products and book sales by using various delivery methods and strategies.

She has also written several stories that appear in the following books: Your Spiritual Personality by Marita Littauer, Making the Blue Plate Special by Florence Littauer, Marita Littauer, and Lauren Littauer Briggs, and The Authentic You by Anita C. Lee. She has also managed virtual book promotion tours for New York Times best-selling authors such as Francine Rivers and Cecil Murphey and for other top authors in the CBA market such as Carol Kent, Thelma Wells, Kathi Macias and more. Karen is available to serve as a faculty member or consultant for attendees at your Writers Conference. Visit KarenPower.com