Control the Flow

valve-1341929_640Much like controlling the flow of water, it’s necessary to control the flow of what you give away on your website.

I’ve seen some author and speaker websites that have many free items. The author/speaker gets nothing in return. Once a visitor to their site access the free item and leaves, the author/speaker gains no information for further engagement.

I have several paid and free resources on my website: and there are some others on other pages of the site.

For a visitor, or potential client, to obtain these free items, they must give me their email address. Then they are given access to download the resource item.

The result is two-fold: Each month I am regularly adding email addresses to my MailChimp account. I can also further engage with these visitors for future connection and promotion purposes.

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karenpower-0411-jpgKaren Power is a Message and Technology Specialist. Her passion and purpose are to help Christ-centered communicators and business owners share their messages and products of hope and healing to change the world by creating innovative solutions. She can help them connect with their audience, grow their platform base, find new speaking opportunities, raise the bar, and increase their customers, paid enrollees, products and book sales by using various delivery methods and strategies.

Karen has worked with thousands of Christian communicators and event planners across the country as the founder and owner of Christian Speakers Services – a speaker bureau with a ministry heart. She has been providing technology support and promotional services since 1994 to speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, and business owners.

She has also written several stories that appear in the following books: Your Spiritual Personality by Marita Littauer, Making the Blue Plate Special by Florence Littauer, Marita Littauer, and Lauren Littauer Briggs, and The Authentic You by Anita C. Lee. She has also managed virtual book promotion tours for New York Times best-selling authors such as Francine Rivers and Cecil Murphey and for other top authors in the CBA market such as Carol Kent, Thelma Wells, Kathi Macias and more.

Karen is also available to serve as a faculty member or consultant for attendees at your Writers Conference. Visit

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