End of the week pondering … Are You Teachable?

UnknownHere’s a great way to end today. I found a note from a mentor that I had forgotten about. In it she stated, “You are manageable, so I tell you and teach you things.”
I have tried to live this verse: “Which of you is a wise and well-instructed [woman] man? Let [her] him prove it by a right life with conduct guided by a wisely teachable spirit.” James 3:13 WNT
Are you teachable? Leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear from you. 


karenpower-0411-jpgI’m Karen Power and my mission is to equip and empower Christian Communicators to share their messages and change the world!

While focused on delivering the message, I have connected the two sides of the coin with my businesses. Since 2004, I have focused on working with thousands of Christian communicators and event planners across the country as the founder and owner of Empowering Christian Communicators, specializing in training and supporting faith-based communicators, and Christian Speakers Services – a speaker bureau with a ministry heart. My diverse background in business, marketing and communication gives me a real edge in assisting Christian communicators.

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