Don’t Miss Seeing The Important Things


2765939655Do you have a coach, mentor, parent, friend or other trusted advisor who watches out for you and points out things to you?

I was reminded this morning of when I was really little, my daddy would point to something as he’d try to point out a specific thing for me to see. Maybe it was a bird in a tree or a boat on the horizon. I didn’t see what he was trying to show me because I’d look at his finger instead of where his finger was pointing. I remember when I finally GOT IT … to look where his finger was pointing and not look at his finger.

Sometimes we are looking in the wrong place and can’t see the obvious thing being pointed out. I know I do at times … like this morning. smile emoticon I’m thankful for those who patiently keep pointing until I get it!


karenpower-0411-jpgI’m Karen Power and my mission is to equip and empower Christian Communicators to share their messages and change the world!

While focused on delivering the message, I have connected the two sides of the coin with my businesses. Since 2004, I have focused on working with thousands of Christian communicators and event planners across the country as the founder and owner of Empowering Christian Communicators, specializing in training and supporting faith-based communicators, and Christian Speakers Services – a speaker bureau with a ministry heart.

My diverse background in business, marketing and communication gives me a real edge in assisting Christian communicators.

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