It’s time to #BEMORE

Cover-bemoreAre you tired of feeling like you are struggling to hang on for dear life while everything is flying by? Sandi Krakowski wants to share with you how she has been able to build several very successful multi-million dollar companies while battling several life threatening and crippling diseases, and how YOU can TAP INTO all that God created for you to be.

YOU were created to have a wonderful life and Sandi Krakowski believes it is possible! Hear the secrets behind her 22 year marriage to Alan, homeschooling all of her children, building a corporation where she and her family all work together.

The #BEMORE life is not about striving, pushing hard and being workaholics so we can all celebrate all we DID! It’s about taking very critical steps in our day to day decisions and commitments, paying attention to the relationships around us and being very aware of who we are BECOMING above all things.

The #BEMORE Life Is The Life You Always Wanted But Never Knew How To Get.

My Review

If you had the opportunity to fulfill your dreams and expand the possibilities in your life, family, business, ministry, community … the world … would you take it? Or, do you feel like you have a life of less and long to have a life of more? If you are tired of the status quo, I recommend getting a copy of Sandi Krakowski’s latest book, #BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life.

Sandi shares microbursts of insight and encouragement on how to #BEMORE in 5 areas such as Connected to God, In Tune with Yourself, Attentive to Your Relationships, Engaged in Your Community, and Mindful of Your World. Each of the 77 secrets is designed to strengthen your relationship with God and inspire you to live with intentionality, purpose and become more than what you may have only dreamed possible!

It is available in Kindle, as well as hardcover formats. I have both and enjoy the smaller size of the hardcover book because it enables me to conveniently carry it with me and so that I can be reminded to #BEMORE wherever I go.

#BEMORE is more than just an attitude. It’s a mind-set and heart-set to implement in every area of life. It’s a movement.

Here’s the good news … you don’t have to wait to #BEMORE. You can start today! It’s as simple as just doing and in the end coming full circle to helping others #BEMORE as taught in Secret #74: Help Others See Their Potential. “Don’t be jealous of the gifts and blessings others have! God made each of us specifically and strategically. Rejoice with them! #BEMORE”

To get your copy of ‪#‎BEMORE‬: 77 Secrets To Your Best Life purchase now!

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