Summer Direction: Break, Keep Going, Stop?

It’s summer time and the living is easy … or is it? Kids are home from school. Plans need to be made for your stay-cation or vacation. It’s past time to line up the summer camps. Then there is car pooling to swim lessons, soccer, or baseball.

When is there any time for you to focus on your writing project, plan for the next speaking engagement, create ideas for that new product, or just simply get a clear word from God? 

If no one has told you … it’s okay to … breathe! All the above things and more are vying for your attention. Are you are beginning to feel overwhelmed? Do you really just want to find time to FOCUS on your tribe and the message they need to hear?

Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need!

Christian Communicators are people too!

  • When life feels like you’re trying to paint a moving train;
  • When you’re feeling as if your next step is BURN OUT … instead of a sun burn on a beautiful beach; or
  • When you want to take your message to the world but you can’t even find time to take out the trash;

… then it’s time for you to hit the REFRESH button and do some of the following;

  1. Take 15-minutes a day and find a quiet place to sit and pause.
  2. Drink lots of water.
  3. Fast one day a week and give your body a break.
  4. Focus on one ministry project rather than everything on your plate.
  5. Finish one project (or a few little ones) before moving on to the next project (ministry related or not). A sense of accomplishment will do wonders!
  6. Memorize a few new scriptures that relate to your tribe and their needs. Feed your spirit.
  7. Spend a couple of hours scheduling out your blog posts so that you can walk away from your computer for a little while.
  8. Learn something new. Take a class. Go through a Bible-based study. (There are some great ones available through Women’s Empowerment University!)
  9. Find a place where you can stare off into the distance so that your brain can air out.
  10. Take a daily walk.
  11. Laugh.
  12. Hug a puppy or a cat, or one of your children … just because.

Take the next few months and slow down a notch. If you can get away for a few hours, a day, a week … or more … do it. Refresh your body, soul, and spirit!

This summer, do all the above … take a break, keep going and stop!

If you could write a message in the sand to encourage the next person passing by, what would it say?

If you could write a message in the sand to encourage the next person passing by, what would it say?


Karen Power is on a mission to equip and empower Christian Communicators to share their messages and change the world!

While focused on delivering the message, Karen has connected the two-sides of the coin with her businesses. For event and meeting planners, Christian Speakers Services is a speakers bureau with a ministry heart offering speakers for a variety of faith-based and non-faith based events. For speakers, authors and other communicators, Empowering Christian Communicators offers professional development opportunities and support services.

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One Response to Summer Direction: Break, Keep Going, Stop?

  1. Poppy Smith says:

    Karen: Couldn’t agree more. God hasn’t called us to be machines who crank out work (even work “for Him”) but people who live in awareness of Him–which is hard when all we can think of is emails and work. I love Jesus’ words, I will give you rest. I think, however, that we have changed what He said to: Come to me and I will give you STRESS! It’s too easy to be driven and led by our culture rather than God. Lord, give us the wisdom to discern Your voice to us individually. I need it all the time!

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