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If the idea of walking with Jesus doesn’t make you uncomfortable, you haven’t thought seriously enough about His presence in your life. The passed-down, packaged Jesus turns out to be quite different from the one who steps alive and kicking out of the pages of Scripture. Author, pastor and radio teacher Chip Ingram outlines what it takes to follow this renegade Jesus toward the idea of Holy Ambition. Stretching outside of your comfortable existence is just the beginning. This newly updated edition will bolster dislocated hearts and turn broken spirits toward radical, faith-filled strategies that make a difference for God right now.

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From the Back Cover 

What God is seeking, what He’s looking for are not the brightest and the best.  God is looking for people who are willing to live on the edge.  People who so long to see God’s agenda fulfilled in this fallen world that they attempt what seems impossible, ridiculous and “outside the box,” for God’s glory.

With piercing honesty and ‘in-your-face’ conviction, Chip Ingram challenges believers to make a difference for God.  Using the Old Testament model of Nehemiah he offers hope to dislocated hearts, broken spirits and all of us.  I highly recommend it for the development of a Holy Ambition!”  -Dr. Joseph Stowell, former president of Moody Bible Institute

“After all the shallow books on leadership, we finally have a biblical, balanced model in Chip Ingram’s fascinating study of Nehemiah!”  -Rick Warren, Author, The Purpose Driven Church

About the Author 

Chip Ingram’s passion is to help Christians really live like Christians. As a pastor, author, coach, and teacher for 25 years, Chip has helped people around the world breakout of spiritual ruts to live out God’s purpose for their lives. Today, he serves as senior pastor of Venture Church in Los Gatos, California, and president of Living on the Edge, an international teaching and discipleship ministry. He is the author of eleven books, including his newest release, Living on the Edge: Dare to Experience True SpiritualityOvercoming Emotions That Destroy, and Good to Great in God’s Eyes. Chip and his wife, Theresa, have four children and six grandchildren.

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