Cec Murphey talks about his new book…WHEN A MAN YOU LOVE WAS ABUSED

Best-selling author, CECIL MURPHEY

I first met Cecil “Cec” Murphey when I lived in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a friend of my pastor and came to speak several times at our church. Later, I reconnected with Cec at several of the annual Christian booksellers conventions. I have a deep respect for this man, awesome author, former pastor — a man with a gentle spirit. When I heard of his new book, When a Man You Love was Abused, I hated that Cec had to live through this to be able to tell his story, and yet, so glad that it’s Cec who is the one to bring a message of hope and healing  and give practical guidance to men, their friends, and family members who want to help them in their journey.


For all women who know and love a survivor of sexual assault, best-selling author Cecil Murphey has penned an honest and forthright book about helping the man in your life survive–and thrive–despite past abuses.  


WHEN A MAN YOU LOVED WAS ABUSED by Cecil Murphey (Kregel Publications, 2010)

One in every six males has experienced unwanted or abusive sexual experiences before the age of sixteen. The myriad of last effects are as varied as the men themselves and can have a devastating impact on future relationships. Yet while so many deal with it, few are talking about it. Until now.

Writing with the empathy that only a true survivor can convey, New York Times best-selling author Cecil Murphey has written an honest and forthright book about surviving – and thriving – despite past abuses. Both informative and highly practical, When a Man You Love Was Abused will help you understand the continuing problems that survivors may encounter but are unable to express, including hurtful memories, issues of self-worth, and the need to feel in control. Whether the survivor is your brother, father, son, boyfriend, or husband, you will find strength and encouragement from this balanced mix of statistics, personal insight, and inspirational stories from other survivors.

A powerful, compassionate, and timely tool, When a Man You Love Was Abused offers the strength men need to confront the past – and the encouragement women need to help them recover and heal.


“I want men who have suffered silently to know that the site is a safe place where they can share experiences, ask questions, or just come for information,” Murphey says. “I understand the feelings of pain and isolation. I’ve been there myself.”

For more information about Cecil Murphey, visit www.menshatteringthesilence.blogspot.com or www.cecilmurphey.com.

Cec Murphey is available to speak for recovery groups and for seminars.

To arrange an interview or to set up a speaking engagement, contact Twila Belk: twilabelk@mchsi.com, 563-332-1622, or 563-340-6379 (cell).

Cec will be interviewed by Diane Viere on August 20, 2010 at Noon CT

If you are a pastor, counselor, or a loved one who knows or suspects there is a man in your life who has suffered sexual abuse, please purchase a copy of this book for your resources in helping them heal.

We will be having a random drawing from those who post a comment to this blog for a FREE copy of this book.   [Please click on the comment bubble at the top right of this article.]

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3 Responses to Cec Murphey talks about his new book…WHEN A MAN YOU LOVE WAS ABUSED

  1. Jackie Doss says:

    I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Cecil Murphy but still have not read any of his work. This sounds like the one to start with. While 1 in 6 is a terrible statistic, I pray that it is at least a comfort to know that one is not alone. While I know that all healing comes from God, and I know that what he wants most for us is wholeness, this is the type of healing that one has to be ready to receive. I pray that the book will give me insight into how to express Christ’s compassion to those who need it most.


  2. This sounds like an absolutely powerful book. I work with men who have been abused, and I have been searching for a book such as this to use as a resource for my clients. Thank you, Cec, for having the courage to tell your story. God bless you!


  3. Wendy says:

    I applaud and appreciate Cec talking about this topic.

    As a mom of 2 girls and 1 boy I find that I often overlook that fact that sexual abuse can happen to guys. When my son’s pediatrician talked him about not letting people touch him appropriately I realized that it was not just my daughters who could fall prey to predators, but my son also needed the care and awareness of what to do if something happened or to be able to know what to do if faced with this situation.

    1 in 6 is a devastating statistic.

    My heart aches for those, like Cec, who were not able bypass this life event. I pray that this book finds its way into the hands of all who need to experience grace and healing and for those, like myself, who have sons or work with young adults and need to be more aware of sexual abuse to males and understand the signs and symptoms of what is usually a “silent” affliction.


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