I was sharing with a friend recently about the call of God on my life and the purpose of my business/ministry. Some people call it their life plan, vision or destiny. I’ve known since I was 11 years old playing drums in a local gospel music band that in some capacity I wanted to help […]


Coloring books for adults are all the rage these days. Women are getting together and having their Girls’ Night Out events centered around coloring. So when Debbie Hannah Skinner contacted me about formatting her artwork combined with scripture into a coloring book, I was totally onboard for the project! The creation of Soul Soothing Scriptures was […]


NEW CONTENT added to the READY. SET. BOOK LAUNCH! program on the membership site. Facebook – “Should I Create a Facebook Group or a Facebook Page?” Social Media Graphics – “Real-World Results” Author Interviews – “Create a Media Page on Your Website” Inside Your Book Promotional Activities Press Releases MORE TO COME…Stay Tuned! NOT ENROLLED YET? […]


Are you looking for dynamic guests for your radio, podcast, or TV show? Thelma Wells, one of the original Women of Faith speakers, is re-branding herself as not only a women’s speaker, but a generational speaker. Thelma Wells has spoken to over 5 million women throughout her career as a Christian speaker. Now, at 75 years […]

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This word came up in a conversation this week…hoopla. The person’s response to my question was, “No, not any more. I am done with all the hoopla.” I totally get it as I’ve seen “all the hoopla” too. This word has stuck with me through the week. Hoopla by definition is “talk or writing that […]


Much like controlling the flow of water, it’s necessary to control the flow of what you give away on your website. I’ve seen some author and speaker websites that have many free items. The author/speaker gets nothing in return. Once a visitor to their site access the free item and leaves, the author/speaker gains no […]


  Do you feel like this speaker? She felt her website wasn’t getting the results she wanted, and there wasn’t more she could do without spending a lot of money. After reviewing her website, I found that she had a few products to sell, but mostly she gave away freebies without getting anything in return…not […]


I recently saw this question posted on Facebook, “What are the odds of getting published?” The response from a literary agent was basically to do the same old, same old. Write a great book, have it edited well, write a great proposal — and then MAYBE you’ll increase your odds of getting published. It’s sad, […]


GOD ANSWERS PRAYER! Here’s what people just like you have been saying as we connected this week to do various projects together from websites, lead magnets, webinars, and more: #1 – “I’ve been fasting and praying for 40 days about how to get my business going again. On day 40, you contacted me.” #2 – […]


Do you have a dream of filling up your speaking schedule? Do you have a dream to take your speaking career to the next level? IT’S TIME TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! Find out how TODAY at  


If you have, or think you have, a message to share, WELCOME! If you will, please take a minute to visit my websites at Empowering Christian Communicators, Speak & Get Paid and Christian Speakers Services. I’m Karen Power and I have over 40 years of experience in the Christian communication industry. I started at the age […]


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